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Khyber Shippers is an organization offering a wide range of services in the field of Freight Transportation. We are one of the few forwarders in Pakistan with a country wide representation offering the “Total Transportation Concept.”

With a modest beginning in 1972 we are poised today to become an industry leader. Khyber Shippers is constantly endeavoring through sheer hard work professional skills and quality of services to leave no room for complacency. This is an industry where the competition is tough and competitors continuously prepare themselves. Khyber Shippers proudly stands heads and shoulders above the rest a shining example of professionalism and modern day management. Diversification of services being marked by Khyber Shippers was also a prime concern since the very beginning. Today Khyber Shippers services over 1000 national accounts including well known multinational accounts and heading world wide buying houses through its various operations. Diversification has enabled our company to broaden its base and has allowed us to grow in a highly competitive industry.

The expansion and successful operation of Khyber Shippers is characterized by its professional thrust in the varied sophisticated and competitive fields of Air Freight Transportation Clearing and Forwarding and shipping services in these fields. The Directors of the Company are hard core professional supported by a team of highly qualified, technically experienced, dedicated and motivated staff having International Associates all over the globe gives us a distinct advantage to render sound, efficient and economical solutions to logistic problems.

We are certainly proud of the fact that we enjoy extremely cordial relations with all the airlines and shipping companies operating out of Pakistan, we have contributed our share in the field of Transportation and communication by way of introducing modern and scientific concepts.

Concurrent with such development the company has placed a heavy emphasis on developing the managerial and supervisory talent required for the operations of a major freight forwarders in the new millennium. The progress we have made in our short history has been achieved through the dedicated efforts and highly ideals of many KS peoples. Yet Khyber Shippers continue to strive for self-improvement, greater efficiency and higher level of customer satisfaction. We are grateful to our esteemed clients for the confidence reposed in us and assure them of our consistence approach to their Freight transportation requirement to help them achieve more for them and the country. With in our organization we are actively exchanging ideas and innovating new ones to improve the industry too.

We hope the above introduction would provide you with a fair ideas of Khyber Shippers operations and would eagerly look forward to knowing your areas of interest from our range of services.

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